The Tough Guy TFF02015.

Good natured TFF02015 is food-safe and versatile. Rugged tough guy is made from 97 percent bio-based materials, pumped up with a few extra supplements for those hard knocks and precise designs.

The tough guy is free from BPAs, phthalates and other Chemicals of Concern identified as potentially harmful. It has O2 barrier properties for freshness and 40 to 77 percent reduction in C02 emissions.

Extra strong impact resistance for everyday packaging and finicky applications
  • Direct drop-in for PET, RPET, PVC and PS
  • Made from over 97% annually renewable, bio-based materials per ASTM D6866 testing
Crystal clear transparency shows off package contents
  • No specialized production facilities or hand wringing required—designed for existing extrusion and thermoforming equipment
  • Free from BPAs, phthalates & other Chemicals of Concern identified as potentially harmful
Great oxygen and flavor barrier properties
  • Lower processing temperatures means lower energy consumption during manufacturing, which means lower emissions.
  • Up to 77% reduction in CO2/GHG emissions
Resists temperatures up to 45OC/113OF
  • Well suited for RF die-cutting, coining and hinged applications
  • Recyclable
More rigidity and lower density than PET creates opportunity for material reductions through downgauging and yield improvement

      Cradle to gate CO2 emissions estimated from IngeoTM Environmental Beneftis Calculator.

      • No BPAs, phthaltes or other nasty stuff

      • 99%
        plant-based materials

      • O2 barrier properties for freshness

      • 40-77% reduction in CO2 emissions