Food Safe and Versatile.

Derived from annually renewable resources, good naturedr bioplastic sheets start with biopolymers and are designed with thermoforming applications in mind. These 99% plant-based sheets comply with FDA and European requirements for food packaging and can be a drop-in material replacement for PET, RPET and PS.

Made from plants, good naturedr sheets contain no BPAs, phthalates or other chemicals of concern found in petroleum-based equivalents and during production generate significantly less greenhouse gases in comparison.

No fuss, no muss, just a great all-purpose, food-safe sheet made from 99% bio-based materials and some extra herbs and spices for added flexibility.

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Strong to very strong impact resistance option from our product line for everyday packaging applications
  • Direct drop-in for PET, RPET, PVC & PS
  • Made from 97% to over 99% annually renewable, bio-based materials per ASTD D6866 testing
Highly transparent with awsome clarity
  • No specialized production facilities or hand wringing required—designed for existing extrusion and thermoforming equipment
  • Free of BPAs, phtalates and other Chemicals of Concern identified as potentially harmful
Great oxygen and flavor barrier properties keep packaging contents fresh
  • Lower processing temperatures means lower energy consumption during manufacturing, which means lower emissions.
  • Up to 77% reduction in C02/GHG emissions-1
Resists temperatures up to 45° C/ 113° F
  • Compatible to highly compatable option with RF die-cutting, coining and hinged applications
  • Recyclable and compostable in commercial composting facilities
More rigidity and lower density than PET creates opportunity for material reductions through downgauging and yield improvement
      • No BPAs, phthaltes or other nasty stuff

      • 99%
        plant-based materials

      • O2 barrier properties for freshness

      • 40-77% reduction in CO2 emissions